Friday, January 11, 2008

The Politician's Wife

As if the whole Sarkozy and Carla Bruni affair wasn't enough, now it seems Hugo Chavez and Naomi Campbell have a thing going. Hugo Chavez! The clear suggestion is that political power wants glamour in the bedroom and on the presidential arm.

This is not actually new: many wives of political figures had once been coveted beauties, the difference is that fame has entered the equation. On googlefight, you can see that Naomi Campbell gets 20 times as many mentions in the search engine as Hugo Chavez. And Carla Bruni gets two and a half times as many as Nicolas Sarkozy.

Which means the public eye is going to peeled even more while watching these relationships take off. Aznar had Berlusconi and Blair as the witnesses at his daughter's wedding. Maybe the next step will be for world leaders to not just sell their exclusives to Hello! or the like, but also to make sure that the front row has been demographically tested to make sure enough outlets in enough markets take up the story.

And how many is enough?


lizziee67 said...

I've just been watching the truly shag-tastic Tudors and it seems the situation hasn't changed. Politicians/kings build alliances just as they did all those years ago.

Wonder if Naomi told Chevez to shut up? She's also good pals with Nelson Mandela . . . which makes me wonder just how much a beautiful woman who is notorious for her temper can get away with?

lizziee67 said...

PS Hope you don't mind me joining in!

Anonymous said...

Is it "glamor" they want in the bedroom or is it hot pussy in the back of the limo?